Ballbreaker: Meddy Ford

Meddy Ford

We ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Meddy Ford

Twitter trolls

I love twitter, like really really love twitter, but I don’t like the people who follow you and then moan about everything you tweet! If you don’t like what I tweet, how about you don’t bloody follow me? Simple! Why moan about everything I have to say when you can easily click the “unfollow” button?


Hearing anyone burp is revolting, but in a public place? Gross!

Hairy Eyeballers

I would like to address the people who ride the same train as I do: I’ve had enough of your staring. I understand it’s a full train and we’re stuck facing each other in close proximity, but, still, there’s no need to stare. Really, I can feel you staring–it feels as if your eyes are burning my skin. And that move of putting your sunglasses on so I can’t see you looking? Doesn’t really work when your sunglasses are transparent, does it? Idiot.


If there’s one way to truly piss me off when I’m in a rush to go somewhere it’s walking in front of me sloooowly on a very busy street, or down the stairs, or through a corridor. Now, I understand that people walk at different speeds, but when you’re in a narrow a corridor or on a pavement wide enough for only one person: Speed. The. Hell. Up. You can clearly tell I’m in a rush, I’ve already said “excuse me,” and I know you heard me–move over or walk quicker! It aggravates me and winds me right up! And slow-walking people who just stop without notice on a busy street–don’t get me started.


Yes, I know some foods are crunchy and some foods are wet, but I don’t need to hear every chew and every wet bite that you take. Is it that difficult to eat just a bit more slowly and quietly? Seriously, some people can make eating marshmallows the noisiest thing in the world. I don’t need to hear you chowing down on that food with your mouth open and then hear you rolling your tongue around your mouth to clean it. It grosses me out so much that I shudder.

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