Ballbreaker: Kaki West

Kaki West

We ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Kaki West.

Twitter Twats

I have a Twitter account—so does CNN, your ex and your ex’s mother! But please do not tweet your every move and idiotic thought to the world. I don’t care that you got a #3 from McDonald’s, or that you have daddy issues (too much info, ladies), or that you are in line at Office Depot, or that you need to stop for gas or your personal weather forecast. When tweeting be creative, or witty, or just K.I.S.S.—KeepItSimple,Stupid! Do not tweet your life minute by minute. No one cares! Stop tweeting about nothing 24/7!

Laughing out Loud

LOL! LOL! LOL! Just stop it already. #1 you are not even laughing. #2 what you said was not even comical. For example, a text: “At the dentist office, lol.” What the F, you know that is not funny and you aren’t laughing out loud in the dentist chair. Or look on people’s status on Facebook: “Going to be one of those days, LOL.” Again if it is going to be a crappy day you certainly are not laughing out loud in your awful cubicle, hating life. You are probably crying. Please do not even get me started on LMAO!

My Story is Better

If I’m in a conversation with someone, don’t butt in and try to top whatever I’m saying. What do you feel you have to prove? “I can top your story with my x10 story”—good for you. I live in L.A. so the competition in the entertainment industry makes this a daily occurrence—you don’t listen, you simply wait to hear yourself talk. And you have it in your mind that you must embellish and weave your story into a magical fairy tale. If I say, “I ran two miles at the gym, and I’m so tired,” you will say, “Oh, I just ran a marathon with President Obama and didn’t even break a sweat.” You might not even notice, but this nonsense leaves the rest of the room staring with glazed and rolled eyes. You have no clue because you’re incapable of shutting up. I have a solution: I will introduce you to someone just like you—so sit back and enjoy listening to the same sort of garbage you talk. Pretty soon the two of you will be telling stories about the time you and Hugh Hefner drove your Ferraris up the side of Mount Everest, and the rest of us will be happy we don’t have to listen.

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