Ballbreaker: Kaci Battaglia

Kaci Battaglia

We ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Kaci Battaglia

Chronic Arrhythmia

Nothing frustrates me more than off-beat clappers. It’s the 2 and the 4, not the 1 and the 3, assholes! I mean, seriously — you’re clapping when nobody else is, how do you not notice?

Stuffed Shorts

On the beach, some look out for sharks. Me, I’m scared of old men wearing Speedos. Man, do they have some balls! Nobody wants to see that saggy junk jigglin’ up and down like Baywatch!

Bad Talkers

When some people speak it’s like listening to a beautiful melody; with others it gets a little wonky. I’m always bewildered by people who use bullshit words like “exspecially” and “irregardless” and “supposebly.” Yes, I understood you — your ignorance sounds like nails on chalkboard, but you got your point across.

Stinkus Maximus

I love smelling great. I love it when a man smells great, too — but not from 30 feet away! If I can smell you before I see you, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you just stink! Whether it’s BO or cologne, when it’s that strong it’s just wrong!

Wannabe Man Stealers

Nothing is more pathetic than the sight of a chick knowingly hitting on a taken man. She might as well have a flashing neon sign overhead that repeatedly screams DESPERATE! DESPERATE! DESPERATE! DESPERATE!


Another chart-topping way not to get the ladies: Make disgusting noises when you clear your throat, unstuff your nose, or yawn. If you’re sick, I feel for you — get well soon. Otherwise you are just sickening! Come on now people, we’re taking body shots here, not flu shots okay?

Kaci Battaglia’s single “Crazy Possessive” topped the dance chart last month, and “Body Shots (ft. Ludacris),” the second track off her album Bring It On, is currently at #4. Learn more about her at and, and get updates at