Ballbreaker: Jo Garcia

We ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Jo Garcia.

Air travel tops Jo’s list. Here’s what she hates.


Everyone hates this. I know. Still, for a gamer, it’s extra rough. shoes off is the least of your worries. Xbox360? Separate bin. Laptop? Separate bin. Smartphone/DS? Separate bin. In addition to the normal bins and carry-ons that’s a lot of crap to keep track of. Plus, you have to trust that someone won’t beat you to the other side of security and casually throw your 360 in their big bag and wander off while you’re being strip-searched. That’s about all the stress anyone needs in their day, but it’s just the beginning.


A fee for this, a fee for that. Bags, seats, meals, pillows, blankets, headsets, etc. Overpriced airport food and drinks are a must now that liquids can’t come through security. Excessive baggage fees mean boarding takes forever because everyone is trying to jam their golf clubs into an overhead bin that won’t fit an original XBox. Of course, all of the overheads are taken so your bag is green-tagged and gate-checked. Your bag is then thrown down below just as if it was a regularly checked bag, which can be disastrous if it has a PS3 inside. This begs the question: Why is gate-checking free? The bag ends up in the same place the checked bag does and I get it handed to me as I get off the plane rather than having to go to baggage claim. I just gave them a horrible new idea! Shut up, Jo!


Finally you’re sitting down and ready to enjoy life again. You turn off your phone because you genuinely believe the stewardess that if you don’t turn it off the plane’s gonna crash. So you kick back and wait for that point where the stewardess comes back on and says you can turn on your electronics. Unfortunately that’s the same cue for the guy in front of you to recline his seat. Nevermind that he was already reclining in his seat just because he weighed so much that the seat-back was buckling under his weight already. He decides to hit his button and recline—basically—into you laptop.

Or maybe you’re next to a “Beer Guy” who keeps getting beers and wants to talk. Nevermind that you’re reading a book and not paying any attention to a word coming out of his mouth to the point that he is spitting on you.

Gamer Next Door Jo Garcia is our gaming guru and a former “Cyber Girl of the Year.” You can follow Jo on Twitter and watch for her giveaways here on TSJ.

DISCLAIMER: Ballbreaker contributors are in reality lovely, sweet girls who are cranking up the attitude for entertainment purposes only, at the request of The Smoking Jacket.