Ballbreaker: Divya Lalitha

Divya Lalitha

We ask a sexy babe what pisses her off. Today’s Ballbreaker: Divya Lalitha

That One Dude in Class Who has to Raise his Hand at the Last Minute

Good job, bro, you did the reading! We’re all so proud of your accomplishment. Guess what, though? We did it, too! We’re just trying to get out of here as quickly and painlessly as possible. Just wait after class like a good boy and let the rest of us be free on time, so we can do more important things like complain about you. Thanks.

Homeless-Looking Guy in the Alley Next to the Club

Hey, check you out—you’re homeless! Thanks for trying to get with this, man. Finally I will be able to help Mother Earth by collecting soda cans with some boozy derelict. Mom is gonna be real proud when I explain to her I fell in love with a toothless guy I found dumpster-diving near my favorite nightspot. Love will conquer all—even the crabs I know you’re carrying, you shaggy Casanova.

Twitter Wars

OMG, are you effing serious with this? I’ve never seen such passive aggressive nonsense since Smucker’s started mixing jelly in with my peanut butter. (Thank you very much, Smucker’s, for assuming I’m too lazy to do that myself, and depriving me of the simple childhood pleasure of making a PB&J.) Whenever I see a Twitter fight go down I think two things: 1) Get a job, and 2) Wow, you’re a huge nerd. Remember in high school when a fight would go down in the hall? Oh man, the excitement! Yeah, I don’t feel that rush at all when I see people startin’ somethin’ on Twitter. There’s a cute little blue bird in the corner of the screen, for crying out loud.

Strollers in the Mall

Could you be any more annoying? Badass that you got laid, though, keep up the good work.

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