Viral Outbreak: Julian Assange Shares Great News about Facebook


And by “great news” we mean “dear God let this be a crazy conspiracy theory even though we suspect deep down that it is not.” Anyway, Julian Assange, the man behind the Wikileaks scandal, recently sat down with Russia Today to talk about, among other things, Facebook privacy.

In the remarkably disturbing interview, Assange claims that Facebook is “an appalling spying machine” that is readily accessible to U.S. intelligence agencies. It doesn’t stop there though, he also asserts that Facebook, along with search engine giants Google and Yahoo, have built in interfaces that the feds can use to gather all the intel they desire without going through the courts at all.

Check it…

What do you think? Is Assange full of conspiracy theory lunacy, or is he telling the truth. If he is correct about all this, do you care? Let us know in the comments section!