A Video Tribute to Awkward White People Hittin’ that Dougie

The Dougie

It seems like for every year that passes, another dance craze sweeps the nation. At one time or another, everything from Jerkin’ to the Percolator to the Cabbage Patch has reigned as the go to party dance for millions of revelers.

In 2010, it’s all about the Dougie.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dougie, first of all, welcome to the internet, we’re glad you finally decided to try it out. You can check out the official video for the Cali Swag District song that kicked off the trend at this link. But to get an even better feel for the finer points of the dance, you should check out this video of Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, the current undisputed Dougie world champion, rocking that shit during pre-game introductions.

Like anything else fun and awesome that the hip hop community has brought to the world, white people have latched on to the Dougie with varying degrees of success that range anywhere from awkward to extremely awkward.

Here are seven cringe worthy videos of white people trying to hit that Dougie, presented in order from worst to least worst.

Wolf Blitzer Kills It, But Not In the Good Way

No matter what rap-inspired trend we’re talking about, there’s almost always some event we can pinpoint as the exact moment when it stopped being cool and hip and instead became something that only suburban soccer moms still do. Remember when Fran Drescher said “fa shizzle” in an Old Navy commercial? The second that commercial aired for the first time, adding -izzle to the end of your words officially became the dorkiest shit you could possibly do.

Someday, we’ll look back on this video of Wolf Blitzer doing the Dougie (with dance namesake Doug E. Fresh in tow, no less) as the exact moment when things took a turn for the lame.

Seriously, Is this Kid Alright?

We were actually going to run this article a few weeks ago, but those plans were put on hold while we tried our best to determine if what’s happening in this video is an awkward white boy dance-off or tragic footage of an epileptic seizure.

Drew Stanton Celebrates

The only thing more inept and sad to watch than Drew Stanton doing the Dougie is the team he plays for, the Detroit Lions.

Herb Sendek is Barely Trying

For a guy who you just KNOW is constantly preaching the importance of always giving your best effort, ASU basketball coach Herb Sendek delivers quite possibly the laziest attempt at the Dougie of all time.

The Obligatory White Girl Dougie

Oh boobs, you just make everything better, don’t you? This video is eleven shades of horrible, what with the weird way it keeps speeding up intermittently and getting all herky jerky and shit. It looks like some kind of hair-brained mashup of You Got Served and The Ring. But still, boobs!

Kentucky Basketball Coach Matthew Mitchell

We’re actually moving into semi-respectable territory with this one. Kentucky women’s basketball coach Matthew Mitchell is the standard by which all middle aged white dudes who attempt the Dougie must be judged. We first saw this video a couple months ago and, going into this article, we were absolutely certain it was going to take the top spot as the best white boy Dougie of all time. We were shocked to find that was not the case. But it’s still a damn fine performance.

Cubby For the Win!

Our words alone can’t possibly prepare you for what you’re about to see. Before you actually watch the video, take a moment to drink in the hefty fella frozen in action down there. Doesn’t look too promising, does it? We’d forgive you for going into this video with low expectations. And maybe you should, because it will just make what you see when you click the play button that much more enthralling. Teach ‘em how to Dougie, Cubby. Teach ‘em how to Dougie.