A Lesson in Dealing with Unruly Students

Being a teacher these days would be pretty damn horrible. Not only do you have to deal with parents who believe that their precious snowflake’s 0.6 GPA is solely the fault of whoever is teaching the class, but on top of that, kids are total assholes.

Take the students in the above video for example. This poor guy is just trying to do his job and instill some completely useless life skills in these kids. In return, they’re harassing the shit out of him. Like we said, total assholes. But that doesn’t mean he has to take it forever. Somewhere around the one minute mark, this guy loses his shit. We’re not sure who was filming this, but they probably made a good call by deciding to exit the room once the desks started flying. And did that teacher just confess to committing arson? Yes, he did.

But hey, it got those jackass kids out of his room at least.