700-Pound Alligator Eats Too Many Chickens, Gets Shot in Eye

Some people set traps when raccoons and skunks tear up their lawns looking for grubs. Other people like the Duhon family of Sulphur, Louisiana grab their guns and take matters in their own hands when an alligator starts wreaking havoc on their land.

From an article in the Sulphur Daily News:

This big gator is the largest alligator caught in Louisiana so far this alligator season. It was caught by Rodney Duhon, of Sulphur, on Saturday, September 5, with the help of his sons, Dr. David M. Duhon, D.C. and Jean-Paul Duhon and their children, Keegan M. Duhon, Kendall K. Duhon and Trey Duhon. The gator officially measured 13 feet and 5 inches and weighed around 700 pounds. Duhon caught the gator at his home on English Bayou, 2939 Old Town Road. The gator has been in the bayou for years and recently has been eating more chickens than usual. The gator took several gunshots to the head without stopping until Benjamin Richard of the Gray Estate shot it in the eye. He then tagged the gator. Experts notified said the gator was probably about 60 to 65 years old.

Moral of the story: Do not mess with Rodney Duhon’s chickens.

Here’s a video of the aftermath, complete with classic Cajun commentary like “he ain’t as big as I thought he was,” “he’ll still make a good pair of boots” and “you got a bigger tractor?”