Five Great Moments in Cinematic Spitting

I Spit On Your Grave Movie PosterIt’s true, living well really is the best revenge, but spitting on your adversary’s grave ain’t a bad way to get back at them either. But a famous man, possibly Ghandi, once said, “The best revenge is cutting off a dude’s junk.” This particular avenue of getback was famously explored in the controversial 1978 rape-revenge flick I Spit On Your Grave.

What’s ironic about that film is that no one actually spat on anybody’s grave. Maybe they’ll rectify that glaring oversight in the upcoming remake. Until then, we decided to nominate five films for their innovative use of actual spit. Below are the most mouth-watering saliva scenes in cinema history.

The Lesbian Kiss Scene from Cruel Intentions

The instructional scene in this film where Sarah Michelle Gellar teaches Selma Blair how to suck faces regularly wins awards for the best onscreen smack. In our opinion, what takes it to that other level is the sexy string of saliva that hooks the two together as they unlock lips.

Clint Eastwood Spit Swallow in The Outlaw Josey Wales

This western is full of scenes in which Eastwood spits nasty chaw juice on just about anything that moves – bugs, dogs, people, you name it. But after all that expectorating, he gets into a situation where an old lady makes him swallow it rather than spit on her floor. And the gulping noise he makes is enough to make you want to take a quick bathroom break.

The Goopy Saliva in the Alien Franchise

The giant terrestrial bugs in the Alien flicks are some of the scariest creatures ever to take over the screen. But what takes them from just creepy to truly grotesque is the sticky, slimy saliva that drips from their powerful jaws.

Christopher Walken Spit at De Niro in The Deer Hunter

christopher walken spitting deniro deer hunter

If you want to really piss Bob De Niro off, just spit at him.  According to,

“Christopher Walken’s spit directed towards De Niro nearly caused the actor to leave the set of The Deer Hunter. During the infamous Russian Roulette sequence towards the end of The Deer Hunter, director Michael Cimmino urged actor Christopher Walken to improvise a spit in his co-star’s face during filming. De Niro’s naturally enraged reaction exists in the film’s footage and reportedly he was so furious about the ordeal that he almost walked out on the entire production.”

Embedding is disabled for whatever reason, but if you forward to around the 1:15 mark of this video, you can see Walken letting the slobber fly in DeNiro’s face.

Tom Cruise Spit Victim in Born on the Fourth of July

After he gets back from Vietnam, Ron Kovic (Cruise) attends the 1972 Republican convention, where a delegate calls him a traitor and spits in his face. To that slimy insult, Kovic fires back, “Is that what we get? Spit in the face! I’ve got as much right to be here as any of these delegates. I fought for that right. You’re not gonna stop me! You’re not gonna shut me up! I’m gonna remind you of this war for the rest of my life so what happened there never happens again!” It’s Cruise at his best.

We couldn’t find video of that particular ordeal, but fear not, the above clip from the same spitastic film features Tom Cruise and Willem Dafoe spitting on each other repeatedly during an argument about who killed more babies. At least we think it’s from a movie. You never know with that Tom Cruise guy.