Eleven Movie Theme Songs to Bring Out Your Inner Awesome

Several Mountain Dews and a few Bawls aren’t cutting it. Hands twitching, focus faltering, attention span drifting into the ether are all signs that you’re on the verge of a total shutdown. That can mean not studying that last bit of info for a test or, worse, finally succumbing to sleep and Freddy chopping off your limbs.

Or maybe you don’t need to stay awake. Maybe you’re the underdog in a national chess tournament and through some strange twist of fate and mistaken identity you have to go up against a Russian supercomputer and only have one week to learn how to play chess at a championship level.

These situations call for something that no drug can provide: symphonic awesomeness. Here are the most awesome inspiring film themes of all times and tips on when and how to use them to take your life to the next level of awesome.

For Use When Doin a Bad, Bad Thing

An anthem for misdeeds, mischief, and outright villany is a sad necessity to any arscenal these days. If you need that motivation for a cruel first strike or a vicious revenge take a trip to the dark side with the Imperial March.

For Use When Things Get “Heavy”

The hybrid Back to the Future and old school Western theme is about as good as it gets. The future isn’t written, but if you’re ready to grab life by the reins and ride it like Doc Brown rode Clara Clayton – several kids in three minutes of film is impressive by any standard – this is a must for amplifying that emotion.

For Use When Traveling to a Dream World of Magic

If your night involves being lifted to other realms of consciousness, why not get where you’re going via musical pixie dust.

For Use When The Iceman Cometh

Sure it was written for blowing up planes, but there’s a certain quality to the Top Gun Anthem that makes it the perfect soundtrack for an all night sexual explosion. Next time you’re introducing that special someone to your bedroom, have this one queued up and ready to go in your cassette deck.

For Use When Whoopin’ ET’s Ass

Pile drive an alien lately? Maybe not, but if you need to here’s the key to getting your blood flowing. It’s also perfect to blare after successfully using the shoulder to dodge traffic all the way to the office in the morning. Note: Don’t jump the gun and play prematurely, otherwise this will be the theme music for some cop who just met his ticket quota as he writes your ticket.

For Use When Nazis Attack
I realize Nazi’s aren’t exactly the threat they once were, but staying ever vigilant is a virtue Dr. Jones would probably agree with. Be they regular old Nazis, Illinois Nazis, or alien Nazis it’s important to occasionally put them back in their place.

For Use When Freedom is at Stake

Too soon to sing the praises of the music from a Mel Gibson film? Maybe. But this music is precisely for those situations where hope seems lost. Those bagpipes aren’t exactly playing the Imperial March. If you need to go down with your ship in a fantastic blaze of glory, this is your theme. You play this just as you’re about to grab some beers and jump down the water landing slide of your Jet Blue flight. Martydom here you come.

For Use When Injustice Reigns Supreme

The theme from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves has been used in everything from other films, commercials and even blog posts. Short, sweet and jubilant this is for those situations when the establishment is out of control and the little guy has to stand up for what’s right. Next time you march into a joint session of Congress to speak your mind make sure to throw this on your iPod beforehand and, errr, forget you ever read this here.

For Use When Teamwork is Key

It’s noon on a Friday. The whole project team is fighting and the client is expecting that report by 5pm. How to unite everyone under one common goal? How to get your ducks to fly together? Send a knuckle puck of awesome straight into your team’s ears with this tune that, in three films, never let Charlie and his fellow Mighty Ducks down. (For instant satisfaction, skip the buildup and start playing just after the 5 minute mark…)

For Use When At World’s End

The theme to Pirates of the Caribbean couldn’t be more badass even as a rap song, though it’s been tried. This should be used sparingly because it’s basically sonic cocaine. Use it to get a leg up in that last stretch of a triathlon, if you’re racing to avoid of missing the cutoff for McDonald’s breakfast, of if you’re about to go one on one with a T-Rex.

For Use All Day, Every Day

Disagree all you want, but this is the champ. It’s in a class of it’s own, really. Rudy is the greatest film theme of all time. It surely deserves credit for making Vince Vaughn appear to be capable of acting. Who doesn’t want to punch the sun right out of the sky after Rudy finally gets his sack? Science hasn’t weighed in, but the secret to Rudy’s success was this jam. Use it to finally get your sack, be it on the football field or elsewhere.