Ten Gravity-Defying Blake Griffin Dunks

blake griffin

If you haven’t watched an NBA game since 1998, where the hell have you been for the last 13 years? It’s time to get your head out of your ass and meet the league’s most exciting player, L.A. Clippers rookie Blake Griffin.

With an obnoxious vertical leap and absolutely no regard for mere mortals below the rim, Griffin has already thrown down a career’s worth of highlight film dunks in just a few months. Amazing, really, when you consider that a knee injury sidelined him for all of last season and he’s currently being coached by Vinny Del Negro.

Griffin immediately became the front runner to win the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest when it was recently announced that he’d be participating. And that’s a damn good thing, considering the event hasn’t been relevant since the days of MJ, Dominique and Kenny “The Jet” Smith.

As a sneak preview to what you’ll see at All-Star weekend in L.A., here are 10 of Griffin’s best rim-rattling jams so far this season.

Go Back to the Bench, DJ Mbenga

Hangin’ on the Rim

Posterizing the Hornets’ Transition Defense

Shelden Williams Needs to Turn Around

Chin to the Rim

Monster Slam with Two Hands

Timofey Mozgov Can’t Show His Face in Public Anymore

Manu Ginobili Just a Little Late on the Rotation

Deadly in the Post

Finishing an Alley-Oop with One Hand